A Nostalgic Experience – Lucky’s Bar & Arcade

If you like the traditional 1980s style-arcade with some food dropped and bars, a trip to Lucky’s Bar & Arcade may make your day a “lucky” one. Indulge in Foosball, air hockey, Pac-man, hoops, skeeball, or the Classic Pinball. Grab a beer and reminisce on a time when things were simpler. Tokens are available at the bar at a reasonable price. Lucky’s Bar & Arcade also provides simple bar food and also features happy hour food specials so you might want to keep an eye out for Taco night. Once you visit this Charlotte establishment, you will instantly fall in love with it. Lucky’s Bar & Arcade is located in a convenient location, and there are a lot of things you can do for entertainment. Lucky’s Bar & Arcade is a really nice place to take your significant other on a date. The barcade’s staff are extremely attentive and courteous. You will find your time at Lucky’s Bar & Arcade very delightful. Wonderful drinks, music from the 90s, and booze make for an extremely fun experience. Lucky’s Bar & Arcade features walls painted with 90s popular culture. The exciting mural walls feature characters from movies, popular shows, and cartoons. You will generally have a good time hanging out at the barcade even if you are not participating in any game.

Lucky’s Bar & Arcade is also great if you are looking for a happy hour or a team building activity with work colleagues. Lucky’s Bar & Arcade provides a great alternative to the usual bar setup. One of the great things about Lucky’s Bar & Arcade is that the establishment is truly committed to customer service. This means that if, say, the game you want to play is defective or not working, all you have to do is inform the staff and they will get it fixed immediately. The barcade is also very clean, and perhaps the only thing that the barcade could use is a pool table. Lucky’s Bar & Arcade features a full bar that features a wonderful selection of specialty drinks that have mostly 90s-inspired names. One of the drinks offered is Bart Simpson. Bart Simpson includes a nerd jump rope because well, Bart Simpson needs to have his jump rope. The drink is well made and tastes like juice. Bart Simpson is really nice and two are enough to make you feel warm. There are other options available if you prefer a beverage that’s stiffer. On Slow nights, the smaller bar does not serve any beverages. The smaller bar features a great setup with television sets above the bar with various game consoles such as Xbox, Sega Genesis, and Nintendo attached to each set and with the controllers placed in front of the TVs. Therefore, you could just hang out at the bar and play games on TV. The great thing about this option is that no tokens are needed.

All in all, regardless of whether you would like to enjoy arcade games, or hang out and listen to music while enjoying drinks at a place with a 1980s style setting, Lucky’s Bar & Arcade is a great option.